Real Life is taking over WoW Life

Posted in Mage on August 8, 2008 by Chris

For the lack of updates I have to blame real life getting in the way. Things have been really busy for myself this past week so I have not been able to play as often as I would like to. Work and getting things ready for the fall semester have been crazy. I will post again when I have ample time to play Euro and get things rolling again.


The Isle of Deserters

Posted in Mage with tags , , on August 5, 2008 by Chris

Back into the action after having reseted for a spell, Euro flew over to Arathi Basin from Strangethorn Vale to turn in Malin’s Request and from there took the boat from Menethil Harbor to Theramore Isle for a bit more in depth questing.

Off the docks in front of Theramore Isle there is a ship on the edge of the docks with some Privateers on board that Euro blew up to obtain a letter, after which I handed out some Altered Leaflets to the guards to help discredit the deserters. Swam off the coast to the boat with more deserters to twist Captain Gavis Greyshield’s arm a bit. Worked well, as he gave up for the The End of the Deserters quest.

While I was in the area I talked to Nat Pagle and had to kill a Lurking Shark in the area behind him, this took me by surprise as he sprung up out of nowhere. It wasn’t hard to kill, although I am finding I can kill things 4-5 levels higher than me with out a problem. Further on I had to ‘assist’ in killing the sea monster, Tethyr. Way to easy to do.

Cleansed Witch Hill as well in this area a few times and it led me to killing Zelfrax a demon bat looking like creature.

Dinged, 35! Used my two talent points, as I saved my previous, on Blast Wave and Fire Power (Rank 1)

+15 CSS Damage

Posted in Blog with tags , on August 1, 2008 by Chris

I just upgrade this blogOk its really this one… to allow customized CSS styles so I going to see what I can do to spice this up some in the coming weeks. Hope to really get this blog rolling along with nice content from Euro’s adventures in the lands of Azeroth.

Added some backend CSS to allow better syncing with colorization of WowHead.comWorld of Warcraft Database Site‘s linking of items on their site since I can’t use the .js for autolinking the items. I added a few custom colored ones as well, the spells and zones are slightly different to distinguish them from other stuff.

More to come…

Theres More on the Isle?

Posted in Mage with tags , , , , on August 1, 2008 by Chris

Today Euro has been plugging away at leveling (obviously) and zipped over to Dustwallow Marsh to do a few quests and to get the flight path in Mudsprocket. Killed some Giant Frogs for their legs to get some soup, interesting I had never done this one before. Went to the Shady Inn to do that quest chain some in that area. Also killed Private Hendal in the Missing Diplomat quest line. For whatever reason this was a lot easier than that last time I did that. Hm. Ding 33! Master of Elements 3 of 3!

Ran to Mudsprocket and then to Tabetha for some of my Mage quest line and back over to Theramore Isle, for Traitors Among Us which was also a new quest for me. Tip: Talk to the Deserter Agitator, wait for aggro and then sheep. Buys time for a Pyroblast. Cake walk.  Killed some Young Thrashers off the shore for a dwarf at the lighthouse.

From there I teleported to Stormwind and flew back down the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale and completed the second tier of the Tiger and Raptor annilations.  Some Bloodscalp might have died for their waxy ears but I say no more.

Dinged 34! So I teleported back to Stormwind for new spells. Upgrades but did get Mage Armor which seems very situational at best. Saving my talent point. Now back to gather ears…

Dense Jungle Foliage

Posted in Mage with tags , , , on July 31, 2008 by Chris

Had a busy few days and Euro is now back in action questing in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. Thanks to Mr. Hemet Nesingwary Jr. the population of the jungle creatures has been lowering since my arrival. Kill ten of these and these oh and these too. Completed the first run of each of the mastery chains and found some Large River Crocolisk Skin for the local Booty Bay leatherworker.

Dinged 32 off these quest runs and talented the final 3/3 in Critical Mass, however when I teleported to Stormwind there were no new exciting spells to learn, just upgrades of my existing arsenal. While I was here I snagged the Green Hills of Strangethorn Vale pages that I could find the in Auction House and leveled my Tailoring up to 175. Stopped as this is where Mageweave comes into play and I do not have any currently.

Fly back down the Booty Bay and scanned the Auction House there for the remaining Green Hills of Strangethorn Vale pages that Euro needed. Good thing I had a nice blue twink item drop for me a few levels back. Sold for 115g, hence my ability to buy this stuff. Flew back up to the Rebel Camp and rode over to the tent to turn in the Green Hills quests. Reward was not usable so I disenchanted it. Rode over to the area to kill some Kurzen Medicine Man and Kurzen Jungle Fighter for a quest, nothing I couldn’t handle. Back to SW to rest up.

Jungles of Strangethorn Vale

Posted in Mage with tags , on July 27, 2008 by Chris

Euro’s next endeavor shall be to explore the lush foliage of Stranglethorn Vale. Rode down from Duskwood and picked up the quests at the Rebel Camp and went onward to Booty Bay from there. Gathered all the quests that I was able to along the way. Hemet Nesingwary Jr. included. Flew back up and the server was laggy badly so I figured I’d wait till tomorrow perhaps to continue further. Till then…

Shiny New Mount in Use

Posted in Mage with tags , , , , on July 23, 2008 by Chris

So with my shiny mount I went over to Bloodmyst Isle since I was in the area to finish up a couple quests in the elite area that I could never find people to group with to complete. However I still have one last quest to do there: Ending Their World. Makes me sad too as I have done this with a paladin character I leveled up a while ago and you get a nifty tabard, Tabard of the Hand. /cry

Teleported back to Stormwind to fly back to Menethil Harbor to work on a quest, The Lost Ingots. I guess some Murlocs stole some of these old Lightforge Ingot bars and this guy wants them back. I enjoyed this quest for some reason, although the drop rate was very low. I snached these up and in turn this chain sent me back to Duskwood of all places. I held off on this direct route and went to Theramore Isle for the flight path and some quick turn ins for some quests I had.

Went over to Arathi Highlands to gather some quests and check some things out to see if I could survive leveling there. Completed one quest where I killed the Syndicate mobs. Overall Euro is a tad low for this area. Flew over to Lakeshire to kill Lieutenant Fangore, had this sitting in my quest book since I did my Mage quest in Redridge.

Duskwood, guess it wasn’t over. This time I had to dispose of Morbent Fel in his cabin on top of the Raven Hill Cemetery. Asked around if anyone else needed this quest as the last time I had recalled completing it, there was a challenge lets say. No replies. Euro started clearing out the area and inside the house. Asked again. Nothing once more. This mob is a 32 Elite so I was hesitate but went off to see how far a solo attempt would work. Well enough that I lived and he died. /cheer I also ran over to killed some more Worgen this time, of the Vile Fang and Tained One variety, Ding 31! Critical Mass (Rank 2)!